Teresa Rosiak: City Council Candidate Highlight

City of Lemon Grove Candidate Highlight: Teresa Rosiak.Currently EnjoyLemonGrove.com is waiting on responses from the remaining candidates from our requests, today we will be posting the response from Teresa Rosiak who is running for the Lemon Grove City Council member seat this coming election. Below are the questions we have asked and the answers the candidate has provided.

Q1. What is your name and what is your relevant experience related to qualifications for being a City Council member?
“Teresa Rosiak Native of Lemon Grove 
Co Founder of the Lemon Grove Improvement Council
Co Founder of the Lemon Grove Business Improvement Group
Past President of the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce
Co Chairman of the Lemon Grove Improvement Council Adopt-a-Highway Program with CalTrans
Event Day Coordinator of Old Time Days 6 years
Volunteer at Old Time Days 3 years
Volunteer at Paint Lemon Grove 4 years
Attending City Council Meetings since 1994
Feeding the homeless and struggling families in Lemon Grove weekly since 1996
I work with several organizations regarding Rape, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking as these issues have touched my family personally. “

Q2. Why do you believe the people of Lemon Grove should elect you?“I have been attending city council meetings since 1994 when I had to fight the re-zoning of my home on Central Ave and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in Lemon Grove.I am a professional volunteer and I have collaborated on many projects that better Lemon Grove and its residents. I am passionate about Lemon Grove and I will really listen to the residents about their concerns and I will provide real solutions. I will not accept a salary or benefits and instead that money will be put into a construction fund that I will control for providing new sidewalks and repairs in Lemon Grove for our residents. I am a hard worker and my thinking outside of the box creates responses and actions that our city desperately needs and I will do better for the residents as I work for them!”
Q3. What are your primary objectives if you are elected as a Lemon Grove City Council member?“Wasteful spending at City Hall, Accountability, Safety, Sidewalks, Downtown Improvements, Business Support, Mental Health Resources, Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Our youth and the recreation center.”
Q4. Are you concerned about building a better relationship between law enforcement and local community members? What would you do for building community support for law enforcement?“I am very concerned about building a better relationship between law enforcement and the local community members and I would like to see more community outreach programs/events and more volunteer walking and bike patrols in Lemon Grove. Dialogs/communications are vital and further training/techniques by law enforcement should be required.”
Q5. Considering the city is having issues with its budget, what are your ideas for solving these issues?“I pledge not to vote “yes” on any tax increases as the residents spoke on the Measure S vote and we need to listen to the residents. We need to help the businesses that we currently have in Lemon Grove and we need to seek out and encourage businesses to come to Lemon Grove so that we can fill the approx 72 vacancies in Lemon Grove. We need to clean up Lemon Grove so that we are appealing to our residents and visitors. $.68 of each dollar a resident spends is out of Lemon Grove as we do not have the businesses etc that our residents need so we need to recapture that money and keep it in Lemon Grove. Lemon Grove’s economy should be self sustaining and more taxes is counterproductive. We need to develop collaborations and bring private sector monies to our city to fund much needed services for our residents. Volunteers can be the foundation for bettering our city and great leaders can organize volunteers to do great things and make things happen and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work in Lemon Grove!”
Q6. Measure J is up for vote this election: what is your opinion on this, will you be voting for or against it, and why?“Measure J I will be voting “yes” as this will help the city’s deficit greatly.”
Q7. On a personal note, so the people of Lemon Grove can learn more about you: What are your favorite places to eat in Lemon Grove, and what would you say are your favorite activities or hobbies?“Giardino’s and El Pollo Grill. My hobby is doing weekly charity work/food distribution for the homeless and struggling families in Lemon Grove and also cleaning up Lemon Grove one street at a time. I love to listen to great music and spend time with my daughters who I am so proud of.”

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