Will Amplified Ale Works still open up a Lemon Grove location?

Back in January 2020 Amplified Ale Works had announced a opportunity to invest, through a crowdfunding website: wefunder.com, in the next brewing facility to be made in Lemon Grove. Something that would have greatly increased the brewery presence in the growing city of Lemon Grove.

“A local favorite among beer fans, Amplified Ale Works is expanding its brews eastward.
The brewery announced plans to open a production facility in Lemon Grove, inside the historic Sonka Brothers general store building at 3308 Main St., most recently occupied by Lemon Grove Bakery.”

They provided a timeline (which likely changed when COVID-19 hit the world):

Amplified Ale Works offered details and projections for the project:
Amplified Ale Works Pitch Deck 011620.pdfAmplified Ale Works – Debt Equity Financing Jan 2020.pdfAmplified Ale Works- 2020-2024 Projections.pdf

But listed on the crowdfunding website:
“Amplified Ale Works Amplified Ale Works failed to meet their goal and closed their campaign in April 2020”wefunder.com
    Does this cancellation of the crowdfunding mean that they have completely closed down the idea of expanding into Lemon Grove? In a economic climate that is struggling to maintain or improve like it currently is, does that mean that this idea of expansion has been shut down? This change could mean a alteration of strategy for the future of Amplified Ale Works, where expansion still does happen just in a different way. The plan for expanding into Lemon Grove appears to of been put on pause due to economic uncertainty.
    Will the uncertainty of the economy be sticking point for other potential expansion into Lemon Grove or will this major change in the way people run businesses and restaurants lead to growth? 

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