Will San Diego County make Juneteenth an officially recognized holiday?

On August 26, 2020 there was a press conference where a California State Senator and the Mayor of Lemon Grove discussed why the County of San Diego should adopt Juneteenth as a recognized holiday. In an effort to show support of making this day a recognized holiday Mayor Vasquez is placing Juneteenth holiday discussion on the Lemon Grove City Council Agenda.

“To support the effort, Mayor Vasquez will be placing a Juneteenth holiday discussion on the Lemon Grove City Council Agenda.The two leaders held a press conference Wednesday discussing why they call for the day to be made a holiday in San Diego County.”kusi.com
If you’re unaware of what Juneteenth day is than I suggest viewing these videos to catch you up to speed on the topic:

These public officials are working towards making this special day in history a recognized holiday, like most things worth working for its an uphill battle to make it happen. Now I’m curious if this is an attempt to make it one of the few (only 10 specific holidays the city of San Diego recognizes) official Holidays the city recognizes or just a holiday like many other ones that is not specifically recognized?  There is a petition going on right now with over 1.5 million people supporting the creation of Juneteenth to be a federally recognized holiday www.change.org

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